Another Redirect…

To a small slice of history from my home of Santa Fe, originally posted on my personal blog. Hope my faithful readers–all six of you–enjoy it.


A Slice of History

  1. February 2, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    I recently published my interpretation of many Peralta maps one of which states its for the Treasure of the Church of Santa Fe, 1847. The Peraltas were wiped out in the Superstitions at about the time that the Taos rebellion crashed at the pummeling of the church and its occupants. One map is in latin. The cross says the location involves Mount Someo. That is a Swiss Mountain. I suspect a Swiss priest from Santa Fe helped export all wealth from Santa Fe and Taos to support the rebellion / secession from the US. When the Peraltas and their maps were lost the rebellion fell. I have located over 31,000 bars of bullion in the Superstitions and the Peraltas mines. I turned over gold ore to the Superstition Mountain Historical Society. I told Gary Hanna head ranger of the Tonto National Forest about the treasure and showed him the cross of stones marking the mass grave. It included the famous Lost Dutchman mine as described by Brownie Holmes as well. Gary tried to get the Fed to release the material so people will know the history and stop dying looking for the gold. He was denied by someone in authority within the Dept of Interior. The gold still lays in holes four to 8 feet deep, 31 of them. Then there is the treasure vault south of the mountains containing a collection of oil paintings, church items and another 200+ bars of gold bullion. We have an eyewitness. This is on State land. Again, beauracy. My books ‘How to Read Peralta Maps’ volumes 1 and two show how we deciphered the maps and found the bullion using a GPR. The bars are clearly visible. The quantity of bars (thus far) matches the mapped count on the Latin Heart. After having a year to prepare the Fed has done nothing to protect the site. I contacted the office of the Governor of NM and got that usual ” thanks but if the Fed says no we have nothing we can do”. Thats not true. The Az governer, if asked by the NM Governer can issue a letter to Gary Hanna requiring him to produce a permit for gold recovery under supervision in accordance with the Wilderness Act provision. I can’t get past the crank call phone lines to reach the Az governor. I’ve provided info to Pres Obama and Sen John McCain to no avail. So I suggest if you want to get involved I could sure use some NM help. Especially in researching who in Santa Fe may have been involved to prove the case this is Santa Fe treasure involved with the Taos Rebellion. All told its worth more than several billion today, its real, and you can access it in a days walk or drive. Let me know. Robert

  2. mburgan
    February 2, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Fascinating stuff Robert. Sorry I don’t know anyone here who could help you get past the bureaucracy. Have you contacted the NM Museum of History?

  3. Lynn Moore
    April 7, 2018 at 12:24 am

    Mr. Kesselring,
    I have read you studies. I believe you. I was wondering what type of permit would be needed to secure pictures of the Santa Fe Treasures. If you know, let me know. I am not in any of the fields you maybe need advise from, but I believe I can do some of the leg work, and may be able to get some good direction for you. I was planning a trip the mountains there in AZ around Oct. but now I think I will move that trip until I can get you a secure access to the treasure room so that pictures can be taken. (stronger proof).
    L. Moore
    Santa Fe, NM (where I have retired)

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